Change Management

Leading change
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Change Management is a transformative journey, meticulously designed to equip you with the mastery of change. The course provides you with concrete tools and inspiration to apply in your own organisational transformation project. You will be introduced to a comprehensive mix of theoretical knowledge, practical tools and interactive exercises designed to equip you with the skills needed to effectively lead and manage change in your organisation.

About the course

Change Management is a hands-on course for change practitioners and project professionals that that focuses on learning to lead change effectively and confidently in your organisation. You will explore different types of change, the cycle of change and various tools and methods to plan, communicate and implement change initiatives.

You will also practice applying these skills to your own change project and get feedback and support from experienced facilitators and peers.

After the completion of the course, and once you have had some time to apply the learnings to your project, you will have the possibility of an individual sparring session with one of our experienced consultants in the field of change and transformations.


After the course, you will:

  • Have acquired an understanding of the role that change leadership plays in project success.
  • Have learnt about the cycle of change and the types of change that organisations might go through.
  • Know and be able to apply various tools related to change management such as the impact case, the benefits realisation map, the change impact analysis and the barrier analysis (among others).
  • Be able to create change journeys as differentiated road maps for your stakeholders.
  • Have gained insights into strategies for change communications, including the development of key message maps.
  • Have an awareness of the levels of resistance to change and ways to address them using David Rock’s SCARF model and other tools.
  • Have had a lot of fun learning moments by playing Actee – a simulation of a change management project.
  • Have personalised follow-up support in the form of a one-hour sparring session after 4+ weeks.


  • Deep dive into the necessity of change leadership and the different types of change.
  • Introduction to a change toolbox and an exercise focused on impact case.
  • Exploration of the change journey concept.
  • Focus sessions on change communication, including the price of change and creating key message maps.
  • Delving into the cycle of change and change theory.
  • An in-depth look at various tools such as the benefits realisation map (BRM), change impact analysis, SCARF (status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, fairness) model and barrier analysis.
  • Discussion on different levels of resistance to change.
  • Actee change simulation.

Participant profile

Change Management is aimed at new and experienced change practitioners as well as project professionals, including project managers, project sponsors and those of you working with communication relating to projects. Whether you are completely new to working with transformation projects or bring some years of experience, we know you will leave this course with new insights, perspectives, tools and ideas.

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