IPMA® certification

An IPMA® certification gives you proof that you are broadly grounded in project management.

What is an IPMA® certification

An IPMA® certification as a project manager, programme manager or portfolio manager is a unique form of certification because it focuses uniquely on your demonstrated skills. In IPMA®, the main focus is on why you acted the way you did in a given situation, what results you achieved and what you learnt – an IPMA® certification is not methodology-dependent.

Which models, tools and methods you use is less important – what matters is whether you are able to reflect on what seems to be most appropriate in the given situation and how you handle your management challenges.

An IPMA® certification is internationally recognised and offered in more than 70 countries.

You can obtain IPMA® certification at four different levels: A, B, C and D. Which level is right for you depends on your experience and the complexity of your projects.

Why choose an IPMA® certification?

With an IPMA® certification, you will become much more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in project management, programme management or portfolio management. You will become clearer about your level of competences and your development potential.

IPMA® – International Project Management Association – stands for the quality of the certification process, and you will receive a certificate that is known and recognised worldwide.

How to become IPMA® certified?

Implement’s project management programme is IPMA® registered and quality assured to match internationally recognised competences for good project management. By completing our project management programme, you will acquire the management and methodological skills needed to obtain IPMA® certification at level B, C or D, depending on your experience.

In Denmark, you can only obtain IPMA® certification with IPMA® in Denmark.

Find out more about the certification process and competence requirements here

Implement offers several certifications in project management

In addition to preparation courses for certification in IPMA® we offer certifications in PRINCE2®, MSP® and Half Double. You can read more about the various options for certification for project managers here: