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The PRINCE2® project management course gives you a strong foundation for working with planning, management and leadership of projects. The PRINCE2® methodology enables you to manage projects effectively with a special focus on six project performance goals.

About the course

The course will provide you with advanced knowledge of the basic principles and methods behind PRINCE2® and prepare you to pass both the Foundation and Practitioner exam. The course provides you with concrete tools for working with the PRINCE2® project management methodology and knowledge on how to apply it in different types of projects.

After the course, you will be equipped to apply PRINCE2® in your everyday life as a project manager.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner


  • In-depth knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology and how it is adapted in different types of projects.
  • Useful tools for working as a PRINCE2® project manager.
  • Knowledge of how to fully utilise the principles in PRINCE2®.
  • Ability to conduct overall quality reviews of projects based on the principles of PRINCE2®.
  • Being well prepared for participating in the project’s decision-making meetings and steering committee meetings.
  • The knowledge needed to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams.
  • The right to use the titles “PRINCE2® Foundation certified” and “Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner” upon passing the exams.

Main content

  • The 7 main principles and how they ensure good project management.
  • The 7 overall processes that describe a project from start to finish.
  • The 7 themes that support a healthy implementation of the project.
  • Applying the PRINCE2® methodology to your own projects and everyday life.
  • Training in practical use and adaptation of the PRINCE2® methodology.
  • Case-based exam training targeted the seven main principles, the seven processes and the seven themes that support a healthy implementation of projects.
  • Theory and training in solving exam questions.
  • Preparation for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams.
  • The programme is completed with an exam where you will obtain certification as “PRINCE2® Foundation certified” or “Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner”, provided that you pass the exam.

Participant profile

The course is aimed at project managers and project participants who want insight into the methodology and a strong foundation for working with planning, management and leadership of projects.
It is assumed that you have basic knowledge of project management elements; however, it is not a formal requirement that you have project management experience.
Our participants are typically involved in projects implemented according to the PRINCE2® methodology or are collaborating with clients using the methodology.

  • Course material

    In preparation for the PRINCE2® programme, you will receive the following:
    • PRINCE2® manual (e-book) – “PRINCE2® – Managing Successful Projects”, 2017 edition
    • Curriculum for PRINCE2®
    • Preparation booklet
    • Overview of the programme
    • Guide to online exam
    • Voucher for booking the PRINCE2® exam

  • Course preparation

    To get the most out of the course, we recommend that you read the entire PRINCE2® manual and go through the PRINCE2® preparation material. We recommend that you set aside approximately 25-35 hours of preparation time before the start of the course.

  • PRINCE2® course requirements

    There are no specific course requirements to attend PRINCE2® Foundation - which gives access to becoming a certified PRINCE2® Practitioner. However, it is only possible to become PRINCE2® certified with approved providers of PRINCE2®.
    In addition to becoming PRINCE2® certified, our PRINCE2® courses equip you to understand and apply the 7 main principles, 7 overall processes and 7 themes for how to ensure good project management. On our PRINCE2® course, you will be prepared for the exam and will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge of PRINCE2® in relation to your everyday life.

  • Why become PRINCE2® certified?

    PRINCE2® is the world’s most widely used project management methodology. With a PRINCE2® certification, you will gain insight into an internationally recognised methodology that can be used in all types of projects, companies and industries.
    After the course, you will be able to plan, organise and manage projects using the PRINCE2® methodology, and you will be able to create the most optimal framework for your future project work.

    Implement’s PRINCE2® courses are offered in co-operation with e-Careers – an ATO of Axelos Limited. PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

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    PRINCE2® Foundation

    On PRINCE2® Foundation, you learn how to effectively manage a project with the PRINCE2® methodology. PRINCE2® Foundation provides you with the basic skills needed to become a successful project manager.

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      PRINCE2® Practitioner

      With PRINCE2® Practitioner, you will build on your PRINCE2® Foundation certification. Your understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology and your competences will be strengthened as a project manager. The course will train you in applying PRINCE2® in practice and prepare you to pass the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam. After passing the exam, you can become a “Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner”.

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