Agile Project Management
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Learn the basic elements of Scrum® through theory coupled with practical exercises. The course gives you concrete tools to support and manage agile projects and provides access to subsequent certification.

About the course

On the course you will get a thorough understanding of the agile mindset behind the Scrum method. The course gives you skills throughout the iterative Scrum process; from project initiation to release. You get a broad insight into the different Scrum roles and how they play together, as well as hands-on experience with the roles’ responsibility in making the Scrum processes successful.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Work with concrete tools to plan and design your projects with Scrum as the chosen development methodology.
  • Design and manage Scrum development projects, where you adapt the developing functionality in close collaboration with the end user.
  • Work on a project from initiation, breaking down requirements in User Stories to planning how the project can be executed.
  • Use the processes in practice and adapt the development in your organization based on the Scrum principles.
  • On the course you will receive "Scrum Study: A Guide to the SCRUM BODY OF KNOWLEDGE" (e-book) as well as course material developed by Implement's consultants.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • You have a role, where it is your responsibility to get your Scrum team to work efficiently and well together.
  • It is your responsibility that the agreed rules are respected in the team and in the interface of the team.
  • You are responsible for holding internal meetings, workshops and stand-ups in the team.
  • You ensure the constant flow of the team throughout the continuous development and that participants are not constantly interrupted or assigned to tasks coming from other parts of the organisation.
  • You take on the responsibility for the team continuously being able to improve performance through an active approach to adjusting processes and tools.
  • Scrum-certification

    On the course you will be dressed to become a certified Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Master.

    The certification is optional. However, the course will equip you to pass the exam, and our coaches are well equipped to help you obtain the certifications.

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