Facilitation and process design

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This course is designed for people who facilitate meetings and workshops in various formats. You will be provided with specific tools to design, plan and conduct high-quality meetings and workshops and at the same time ensure ownership among the participants.

About the course

At the course, we use an active and engaging teaching method with the purpose of presenting the specific process methods in practice. At the same time, various forms of learning are stimulated through an alternation between theory, activities, dialogue and reflection.

We encourage you to bring your own cases and dilemmas to ensure that the training becomes as relevant and rewarding as possible.

Course format:

  • Kickoff from 09:00 to 10:30 (online)
  • 2 x training days from 09:00 to 16:30 in Hellerup

Main content - the course covers the following main topics

  • Facilitation as a professional discipline
  • Having a strong role as a facilitator
  • Preferences in facilitation
  • A good basic design
  • Meeting management
  • Engagement methods – energy and impact
  • Basic process methods and tools
  • Group dynamics – overcoming resistance from the participants
  • Design star and script
  • Dialogue-based feedback and live facilitation
  • Body language – use your bodily intelligence
  • Effective meetings and collaborative processes adapted to different Whole Brain preference profiles

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to

  • Design and facilitate workshops and meetings in various formats
  • Achieve better results through your workshops with common and stronger solutions
  • Create more energy, involvement and engagement in meetings and workshops
  • Create a basis for more constructive dialogues and better collaboration
  • Establish a higher degree of ownership among the participants
  • Overcome obstacles and resistance
  • Use your bodily intelligence to support your personal leadership as a facilitator
  • Have a greater awareness of your own strengths and challenges as a facilitator

Target group

The course is aimed at consultants, project managers, leaders and trainers or someone who is otherwise involved in conducting workshops and meetings in the organisation.

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