Habits that make a difference

How to work actively with habits to ensure that you and your organisation become the best versions of yourselves.


Mads Ingemann Herskind & Nicolai Moltke-Leth

Habits control a large part of our lives. The vast majority of actions we perform personally and professionally are controlled by a set of habits we have formed throughout our lives. This basically means that if we want to do something different such as delivering even better results at work, e.g. increase productivity, strengthen collaboration across departments, introduce new processes or work procedures or increase job satisfaction, we need to work on our habits.

In this short article, we zoom in on a few of the “secret ingredients” that those who have succeeded in changing habits for the better have used. If you are curious about learning more about these “ingredients” and how you might work with your own habits and help others create lasting behavioural changes (habits) in your organisation, then please read on.