Behaviour-driven benefits realisation

- in change projects
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Behavioural design and benefits realisation as the key to value creation.

About the course

In our experience, lack of behavioural change is the main reason why change projects do not realise their full benefit potential.

Yet, we rarely take our point of departure in the people who are affected by the change or manage to help them enough in the process. As a result, we are making it more difficult for our colleagues, customers or fellow citizens to change behaviour. It’s a pity because if we included behavioural design in our projects, we would be able to significantly increase the impact of our investment in development.

Main content

The course covers the following main topics:

  • How to realise the benefits of your change projects
  • How to design and manage your projects based on benefit realisation
  • How to create behaviour that drives change with people at the centre


You will get a practical and structured approach to:

  • Benefits realisation based on concrete tools and workshops
  • Change management based on behavioural design with concrete activities, workshops and tools

Target group

The course is aimed at project managers, change agents and managers who want concrete tools to realise more benefits with their change projects and change efforts.

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