Half Double certification

Half Double is a new project management approach that combines classic project management with agile methods, giving you concrete tools to increase the success rate of your projects.

The Half Double methodology

The Half Double methodology focuses on the value created by the project rather than the project deliverables. By focusing on impact, flow and leadership, you will achieve shorter projects with greater value creation. The methodology has been tried and tested in several types of companies and in private as well as public organisations and has been shown to significantly improve projects’ chances of success.

Half Double consists of two levels of training: Half Double Foundation and Half Double Practitioner.

Half Double Foundation certification

With a Half Double Foundation certification, you will get concrete tools to run projects based on the Half Double approach and a certificate stating that you have extensive knowledge of the core elements of the Half Double methodology: impact, flow and leadership.

Half Double Practitioner certification

A Half Double Practitioner certification is proof that that you have acquired in-depth and practice-oriented knowledge of the Half Double methodology and know how to apply it in your own projects.

Why choose a Half Double certification?

The Half Double methodology is based on extensive research and is getting increasing recognition in Denmark and internationally. Developed by the Confederation of Danish Industry, Aarhus University and Implement Consulting Group, it has been tested and validated through numerous projects in different industries and project types – and it works. A Half Double certification can therefore add value no matter what type of project you are working on.

Who can obtain Half Double certification?

A Half Double certification is relevant to those who want to expand their project management skills and is aimed at project managers, programme managers, PMO members and project participants.

Knowledge of project work and the classic project management methods is a plus, as you will benefit more from the course if you are familiar with the basic project management tools. If you have experience working with agile methods, you will recognise some of them in the flow tools.

Implement offers several certifications in project management

In addition to Half Double, we offer certifications in PRINCE2® and MSP® as well as preparation courses for certification in IPMA®. You can read more about the various options for certification for project managers here: