Attractive prices with a framework agreement

Framework agreements for project management courses

Competence development ensures increased individual performance and engaged employees. We would like to help you ensure that your employees have the right project management skills.

We would love to start a conversation with you

We are always ready to talk about your expectations if you consider purchasing our competence development courses. This way, we will be able to better ensure that the number of available courses is consistent with market needs. This will help ensure that our course offerings match your needs.

As a client, you will get attractive net prices depending on your engagement with Implement Learning Institute and Implement Consulting Group.

A framework agreement is valid for one year and is non-binding in terms of committing to purchasing a specific number of courses. In return, both parties are committed to discussing the perceived quality and expected future needs upon the expiry of the framework agreement.

Measuring of impact

We offer free electronic measuring of impact within the area of project management for clients with whom we have framework agreements. This means that you will receive a feedback report showing how participants from your company:

  • Have evaluated the competence development course
  • Have gained new competences
  • Have applied what they have learnt and to what extent
  • Have created impact, what type of impact and to what extent

In addition, the feedback report contains an overview of the inhibitors and promotors experienced by participants from your company. The latter can be used to develop initiatives that can promote the creation of impact at your company.

The feedback report requires the participation of at least three employees from your company to ensure anonymity.

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