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Half Double is a new project management methodology with a greater focus on the actual value created by the project than on the project deliverables. Focusing on three core elements and nine simple tools, Half Double is designed to reduce the project lead time while increasing the impact of early realisation of benefits.

About the course

The Half Double project management programme provides in-depth knowledge about Half Double as well as concrete tools to run projects based on the Half Double approach.

During the course, you will learn how to ensure flow and early impact in your projects in your role as a project manager. Through a combination of theory, concrete tools and personal sparring, you will be equipped to run projects using the Half Double methodology.

At the Foundation course, you will get extensive insight into the three core elements of the Half Double methodology – impact, flow and leadership – and how to use them to create the desired value in your projects. The course is completed with a Half Double Foundation certification.

Practitioner Class focuses on the practical application of Half Double and provides even more detailed insight into the Half Double methodology and how to apply it to your own project. After the courses, you will receive a certificate from Implement Learning Institute stating that you have completed the Half Double training.

Half Double Project Management

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Complete projects faster and more effectively by applying the Half Double methodology.
  • Work with the three core elements, impact, flow and leadership, to increase the success rate of your projects.
  • Work with Half Double in a practice-oriented way and adapt the Half Double tools to your organisation.
  • Run a project with an agile and flexible mindset.
  • Use Half Double to handle uncertainty and motivate project owner and steering committee to actively engage in the project.
  • Attain Half Double Practitioner certification.

The Foundation, Boost and Practitioner Class sessions cover the following main topics:

Course content

  • The Half Double methods and tools and how to apply them in a practical context.
  • Insight into the three core elements: impact, flow and leadership.
  • The principle of local translation and how to use the core elements and tools in practice to achieve the desired impact.

Participant profile

The course is relevant to those who would like to expand their project management competencies and is aimed at project managers, programme managers, PMO members and project participants.
Knowledge of project work and the use of classic project management methods is a plus, as you will benefit more from the course if you are familiar with the basic project management tools. If you have experience with agile methods, you will recognise some of them in the flow tools.
We encourage you to sign up with a colleague from your own project team, department or organisation so that you can support each other and share your experience after completing the course. This will ensure better implementation of Half Double in your projects.

  • Half Double certification

    As part of the Half Double training, you have the opportunity to become a certified project manager in Half Double. The Foundation exam takes place on the last day of the course.. The Half Double Practitioner certification can be attained after the course at our exam provider APMG. . It is your trainer who registers you for the exam. Both certifications are included in the course price (from January 2025).

    Half Double Foundation certification
    To attain Half Double Foundation certification, you must pass a multiple-choice test on the last day of the course. The Foundation exam consists of 40 questions, requiring 28 correct answers to pass. The Foundation certification is included in the course price.

    Half Double Practitioner certification
    To pass the Half Double Practitioner exam, you must have had the opportunity to use the Half Double methodology in practice.
    Your trainer will be the one recommending you for certification. There is no time limit, and you can take the exam whenever you are ready. You can contact your trainer when you are ready to take the exam. Hereafter, you need to send your application form to our exam provider APMG no later than four weeks after the exam. The application form is a reflection paper documenting your own experience working with Half Double in your own project.
    The exam consists of a one-hour interview with an accredited examiner.

    The Half Double Practitioner course will prepare you for passing the exam, and our trainers are well-equipped to help you attain certification. Furthermore, several of our trainers are accredited examiners.
    The Half Double Practitioner certification is included in the course price (from January 2025).

    Half Double is a trademark of the Half Double Institute. All rights reserved.

    For more information, please write us or give us a call.
  • Course material

    On Implement’s Half Double courses, you will receive the following course material:

    • Book: Half Double – Projects in half the time with double the impact by Michael Ehlers, Karoline Thorp Adland, Niels Ahrengot and John Ryding Olsson

    • Half Double Methodology Foundation Guide (e-book)

    • Half Double Foundation three-day training programme

    • Half Double Methodology Pocketbook

    • Learning objectives and outcome of the Ignite training

  • Course preparation

    Half Double Foundation
    Before the course starts, you will receive the Half Double Foundation Guide, which we recommend that you read before the course.
    The course is designed as a hands-on course combining individual reflection, group exercises and theory. You will spend most of the time on applying the Half Double tools to a case, which is why it is a good idea for you to have a project you can use as a case during the course. However, it is also possible to work with generic cases.
    We recommend that you set aside approximately 20 hours for preparation.

    Half Double Practitioner
    To get the most out of Half Double Practitioner, you need to have a project or be part of a project that you can use to test some of the Half Double tools.
    To pass the Half Double Practitioner exam, you must have had the opportunity to use the Half Double methodology in practice.

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    Half Double Foundation

    Half Double is a new and contemporary project management approach which shifts the traditional focus on deliverables to the impact created by a project while ensuring that the project progresses every week. By combining agile tools with classic project management methods, Half Double creates shorter projects with greater value creation.

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      Half Double Practitioner

      Half Double Practitioner provides you with further practice-oriented knowledge about the Half Double methodology and how to apply it to your own projects.

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