How to ensure learning with impact

At Implement Learning Institute, we offer energetic training sessions, and we involve the participants as much as possible. We alternate between discussions, presentations, case exercises, exchange of experience and staged exercises. This means that you will learn things in a fun and engaging way instead of receiving a ton of slides.

We organise our courses in a way that allows the participants to see, listen, touch and do. The courses consist of a mix of theory, practice, discussion and reflection to ensure variation.

Networking and cross-collaboration

You will be part of different groups during the courses. On Project Management 1 – Manage your project, you will be part of eight different group constellations, whereas on Project Management 4 – Strengthen your personal leadership in projects, you will work in small, intimate groups of three.

Theory is put into practice

The courses alternate between theory and practice, including group work on cases and exercises where the participants work on their own projects or with their own personal development. During these exercises, the trainers act as sparring partners to challenge the groups, but at the same time ensure that they stay on track.

Exercises create memory anchors

Staged exercises are exercises that place the participants in situations where they have no way of knowing what is right and wrong. During this process, they come to different realisations which, in future, will work as memory anchors. In addition, the exercises usually include a touch of humour which brings energy and a positive atmosphere to the classes.

Very professional, well-prepared trainers, great learning.
Kirsten Meyer - ATP Ejendomme

You also learn outside the course

Learning is not limited to the classroom. On the digital learning platform, you will have the opportunity to do different exercises one month before the course starts. There will also be follow-up questions after the course about the use of the tools you have been introduced to. For each course, you will also find optional homework in the form of practical and theoretical assignments as well as recommendations for further learning.

Knowledge that creates value for everyone

Ultimately, a course is only worth something if you have improved your competences. This is why we continuously measure participant satisfaction and the knowledge they have acquired during the course. In order to actually demonstrate long-lasting impact, we also measure the behavioural change it brings as well as the value our courses add to the company.

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