The brain-friendly approach to change

Lots of organisational resources are put into planning and managing change. Most of them are wasted. For a simple reason: Change cannot be controlled. Try, and you will fail. Change is change. For your next change challenge, try this simple recipe: Frame the space and give people the freedom to unfold the potential within this space.

Well, some change can be controlled, mainly on a functional or structural level. We can change it. What is much tougher to change is us or me – how we act and interact on a behavioural and cultural level. Anyway, “we try, and we try” to implement, execute and deliver change – formulating winning strategies, running catchy campaigns, putting new posters on the wall, educating change ambassadors, consulting change gurus and so on. But people just don’t get it, do they?
The Brain-Friendly Approach offers a new perspective: Make change easy, fun and rewarding. Move the game of change from pressure to pleasure, from push to pull, from tools to toys.