Tobias Søndergaard

+45 26 18 77 93

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Tobias is an experienced consultant with in-depth expertise in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), especially in generative AI. In his role, he has been responsible for designing, facilitating and leading the generative AI training programmes for the 1,700+ employees at Implement Consulting Group. With a passion for AI and the ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and engaging way, Tobias has been a key player in spreading the understanding and application of AI technology.

Tobias has developed and conducted extensive training programmes covering various aspects of AI with a special focus on the use of large language models, including OpenAI, ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise. Tobias has also previously taught other advanced data-related techniques and engaged in everything from workshops to seminars – all with the aim of educating employees in the use of AI and data in their work.
In addition to his training initiatives, Tobias works closely with leadership and teams in various organisations to integrate AI into business strategies and decision-making processes. His experience includes both theoretical and practical aspects of AI.

Tobias’ extensive knowledge and practical experience make him an essential resource for course participants seeking to utilise the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge, improve business performance and take home the latest knowledge.


MS in Political Science, Aarhus University