Kasper Nizam

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Kasper Nizam has +15 years of experience with projects in collaboration with actors in the public sector, civil society, and private foundations. Kasper has worked with innovation projects, digital projects, and implementation projects, where behavioral changes and new practices and organisation are always at play. He has extensive experience with co-creation in projects where the involvement of end users and customers is central to the creation of effect, and he has in-depth knowledge of agile project and innovation methods such as design thinking, design sprints, prototyping and test actions.

Kasper teaches Half Double and project management. He also works as a consultant with project management and process advice on projects, which are included in the training course as examples and cases to illustrate how theory, methods and tools can be used in concrete practice.

Primary focus areas are:
Design and execution of projects with a focus on impact creation
Management of projects and training in project management


Cand. Scient. Adm. from RUC


Half Double Practitioner
Projektledelse i IM (IPMA)
Design Sprint Master