Karoline Thorp Adland

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In addition to training others in project management, Karoline works with projects within organisational development and strategy implementation in large Danish companies. Furthermore, she focuses on exploring and rethinking the dominating project management paradigm in order to develop a new project methodology that will enable projects to achieve impact in half the time with double the impact. This has provided Karoline with a deep theoretical and practical insight into the opportunities and challenges that many of us are facing in the role as project manager.

In continuation of her academic background, Karoline has a particular interest in what motivates and drives us as human beings. More specifically, how knowledge about this can inspire us, and how we can organise and lead our projects in a way that ensures a high level of engagement, energy and not least efficiency in the team and among key stakeholders throughout the entire project process.

As a trainer, Karoline is passionate about ensuring that the participants not only build up an extensive toolbox but also about making sure that project managers feel that they are able to use it during a busy and complex working day full of different interests. Participants should not only be able to make sense of and master processes such as goal formulation, risk analyses and milestone planning, but also be capable of creating relevance, drive and energy in relation to these processes in their own team and among local stakeholders.

Furthermore, it is important for Karoline to create an inspiring and energised learning environment for all participants.


MSc in Business Administration and Psychology, CBS
BSc in Economics and Business Administration