Kåre Ronex


Erfaring og baggrund

Kåre has broad experience with training and development of employees and managers in private as well as public organisations. In the past few years, he has worked with more than 2,000 trainers, focusing on design and facilitation of workshops with focus on personal and social competences in large groups.

Kåre has strong competences in facilitation, digital communication and communication, ensuring a high degree of involvement and energetic meetings, workshops and seminars.

As facilitator, he draws on his in-depth knowledge of how to make participants feel safe and engaged during meaningful processes. Kåre is enthusiastic about supporting theory with practical experience and developing strong practitioner competences. As course participant, you will quickly realise that Kåre is honest, passionate and prepared to support participants in becoming successful in their own training sessions.


Master of Positive Psychology


Whole Brain® (2019)
Changesetter (2019)
Facilitator (2016)