Cæcilie Orloff Søemod

+45 6124 6358

Erfaring og baggrund

Cæcilie is a psychologist with specialization in organizational psychology and leadership. She has extensive experience as a trainer in facilitating and meeting management, project management and personal leadership. Her focus is on emotional intelligence, collaboration dynamics and handling of resistance. According to Cæcilie, it is central to make learning easily digestible and personal relevant to the course participants. Therefore, the learning space, the good atmosphere and a brain-friendly approach are important factors to Cæcilie, when she teaches.

Cæcilie has worked with several projects such as:
• Management Academy of the Danish Courts. Role: Coach and teacher.
• Project management in Novo Nordisk. Role: Project manager.
• Train the Trainer in Copenhagen Municipality. Role: Teacher and supervisor.


Cand.psych from University of Copenhagen
Haslebo & Partner’s socialconstructionistisk education for leaders and consultants.


Hogan certified