Astrid Marie Starck

+45 3024 6483

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Astrid has extensive experience from the public sector in Denmark. She has run many development projects that were to embrace interests across the 98 municipalities in Denmark and political interests in the municipal and governmental sectors. Furthermore, she has been working as a project and programme manager at KL (Kommunernes Landsforening – Local Government Denmark), both on internal development projects at KL but also on common public and intermunicipal projects and programmes in which 98 municipalities were to agree on the same agenda. Very interesting – and complex! In addition to teaching project management, Astrid is also a process and management consultant at Implement Consulting Group.

When Astrid teaches project management, she draws on her extensive knowledge of how to ensure that the complexity of projects is made manageable, i.e. how to create room for the role as project manager, how to make your work easier and better through the use of concrete tools, and how to ensure that your project succeeds using formal as well as informal channels.

Astrid focuses on creating an interesting learning environment with images and stories which the participants can use going forward. She believes that honesty and openness are the best methods to help each other grow. Astrid’s energetic and humorous learning environment will inspire the participants to work with project management in a new way.


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