Zoom in on purpose

Why do you get up in the morning ? Why do you sometimes want to make an extra effort and set the bar a little higher for what you want to achieve – both personally and professionally ? Why are you reading this article right now ?


Rikke Sick Børgesen Hoffmann

If we were to answer with one sentence: Because you can see the purpose of it! And purpose is thus the focus of this ­article. Research shows that if we can find purpose in our work or personal life, we have direct access to one of the strongest motivational factors, making us capable of accomplishing the most ­amazing things and handling even the most challenging situations.

If you buy into the assumption about purpose being one of the strongest motivational factors, then you might be interested in knowing more about “purpose-driven leadership”. The essence of the approach is to focus on how you as a leader, employee and organisation can create conditions for meaningful work where each individual can see their own purpose. Basically, it means that you work on becoming even better at navigating ­different opinions and setting the direction in relation to something that has purpose and makes sense to you, employees and the company.

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