The Importance of Project Management Certifications

What are the benefits of project management certifications.

Project management is a highly attractive skill to have on your resume. It shows that you can utilize your own talents and skills to a joband also that you can attract and magnify other people’s. The effect is cumulative, and for hiring companies, individuals that can manage successful projects are invaluable.

The discipline of project management has moved from a general skill acquired through experience to an actual qualification that you can get certified in. Experience is valuable, but with a project management certification the results from your projects might be even better – if you choose the right one.

This article looks at the benefits of project management certifications and why they are desirable for both individual project managers and companies in today’s market.

What is project management certification?
A project management certification is an officially recognised qualification standard. Some skills can be developed and refined through experience and trial and error. To speed up the learning process, project management training is a favorable approach. In connection with the training you can be offered to manifest your new competences with a certification.

A project management certification shows that the owner has spent time learning the most effective ways to manage projects successfully. With a certification an employer can be confident that the project manager can be relied upon to plan, manage, and deliver projects on time, on budget, and for the benefit of the company time and time again.

How to become a certified project manager
You cannot acquire a project management certification by using the internet to search for “project management tips.” Type this into a search engine, and you’ll get several million hits where each website will give you a few standard tips and tools. This can of course serve as inspiration, however it only gets you so far. Linking different practices together takes a more complete set of methods and it also will demand of you a shift in your mindset. That is why, to get an official certification you need to be ready to attend a course or put in many hours of self-study.

A good place to start is to contact a training organization to learn more about different standards, techniques, and requirements for acquiring a certification. If you decide to take a Half Double certification at an approved training organization, you can be sure that the content is of high quality and based on new research to provide the best training possible. Training providers that can teach Half Double are accredited by APMG. This means, you can be certain that the education is the best on the market. By choosing a training provider and taking an official certification course, you are guaranteed that the hours you invent will prove to provide a greater impact on your project when you return to your company.

What does a project management certification involve?
What actually is demanded to gain a project management certification depends on the type of certification and the institute behind. Although course or certification programme varies, there are some standard features of a project management certification to be found:

Introduction to ideologies
Explanation of proven theories and principles
Practise and implementation of skills
Final exam or test

Why is Half Double different?
Many agile project management certifications that are available on the market today are presented as a one size fits all solution. This means that although you might learn something new, you may not be able to apply it in your projects when you return to your company. At the Half Double Institute, our methodology focuses on people. How we think, act, change our minds, and work. This means our approach puts you and the people you work with at the center of training.

Training at Half Double isn’t about memorising an outdated theory. Training with Half Double varies. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all course. It will adapt along with how you interact with the course material and what cases you bring to the training.

The three pillars of Half Double methodology are Impact, Flow, and Leadership. These goals are reflected in the project management course. Half Double doesn’t just give you theories on how to make projects a success; it provides you with real-world examples based on psychology and behavioural science.

Half Double training focuses on changing behaviours within a team to drive KPIs and achieve results. A project manager and leader with the ability to drive these changes from the ground up will achieve results time after time, no matter the situation or the goal.

Although the training will always be fitted to the context (you!), the learning journey is the same. Find more information on this here.


Common questions about project management training

How much time does it take?
It really depends on the course. Some courses are just one day, but these tend to be very basic and teach generalised theories with few practical applications. Half Double offers two courses; a Foundation course lasting 3 days and a further Practitioner course lasting 2 days. This allows enough time to properly learn new skills and put teachings into practise. Soon a third course will be launched – the Half Double Master certification. This course focuses explicitly on proving impact creation in your projects.

Will there be an exam?
Again, it depends on the course. Some courses have a final examination, some rely on attendance. Half Double requires you to pass an exam to ensure you fully understand the teachings. When passing the exam you receive an official certification. At the foundation course the exam will be a written, closed book, multiple choice exam. For the practitioner courses the exam is a paper.

Is it expensive/ Is it worth it?
These questions go hand in hand. A cheap, online-only course from an unaccredited institution may be inexpensive, but it’s also probably not worth it. On the other hand, accredited courses may have a higher price point, but they are worth it. Find information on the price of the courses at your relevant training provider.

Is one qualification better than another?
Absolutely! Accredited training is better because it means your qualification will be accepted and recognised worldwide. You should also check the contents of the course. At Half Double, we have a Foundation course followed by a more intense Practitioner course. You can’t take the Practitioner course without first completing the Foundation course because you need a certain level of knowledge and skill to take part.


Benefits of being certified in project management
Project management certifications are certainly no walk in the park. They are periods of intense learning and development and can be very expensive. So, why would you need a qualification? What are the benefits of having a project manager certification on your CV?

Benefits for the individual:
More hireable: Having an official project management qualification can make you stand out from the crowd. Many people put project management skills on their CVs. But this doesn’t mean they are any good. A qualification from Half Double sets you apart from the crowd. It shows that you have repeatable skills that you can apply to achieve results and create a long-term impact.
Adds credibility: When working with a team, project managers need to ensure they have strong leadership skills. One way to ensure your team will respect you is to have an official qualification. Your opinion is more valuable, and others are more likely to listen. Furthermore, an official qualification is more likely to build trust with clients and customers. Where there is trust and respect, collaboration is more natural, and results soon follow.
Long-term career growth: Adding proper skills and qualifications is a proven way to increase your career prospects and boost your earning potential. Studies show that certified individuals can ask for higher salaries and are more likely to achieve higher-income roles at a younger age. Individuals with documented qualifications are also more likely to work in larger companies on more prestigious projects.

Benefits for a company:
More successful projects:  A project led by a qualified person is more likely to succeed. It’s that simple. Hiring a skilled project manager means projects are more likely to successfully complete on time and on budget. Certified individuals with recognised skills can ensure projects remain on track and are more likely to overcome unforeseen obstacles.
Better profits: However, your project fits into your business plan; more successful projects mean more revenue. Companies who hire qualified individuals, even when paying hiring salaries, end up with greater profits. Hiring certified people can be daunting as they require more pay. However, studies show that getting the right people in the right roles brings in more revenues and creates greater profits in the end.
Improved morale and inspired team members: When a project manager is certified, it brings a level of trust, respect, and confidence to all other team members. Projects run by certified individuals tend to involve greater collaboration. When team members feel they are led by a qualified project manager with good leadership skills, they are more likely to be satisfied and content. This means a better working environment, increased morale, and happy employees that work more efficiently. Hiring just one qualified individual can help bring the best out of everyone.

What works with one team on one project may not be effective for another group on another project meaning a generalised certification may not be as useful as it first seems. The Half Double approach takes this into account and offers flexibility for a certification that is universal.

With a proper Project Management Certification, not only can individuals gain skills and confidence, but they will learn tools, methodologies and tackle real-world examples to be a better project manager.

The transferable skills learnt on an accredited Half Double course can change someone’s outlook and make a huge difference to future success. The Half Double institute takes training seriously and provides a learning opportunity that is not only based in human behaviour but is personalised through local translation. Half Double can provide real results time after time.

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