Sociocratic Facilitator Certification Course

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For some, meetings are a necessity for any collaboration, but just as many say that they don’t enjoy them. In our experience, meetings can be the highlight of a team’s collaboration, a place where everyone is heard and supported, and where we can create the clarity we need to move forward effectively and efficiently while getting to know each other more deeply.

About the course

You can improve your facilitation of meetings by learning new formats and reflecting on different group processes. Yet, the biggest improvement comes from practice.

At the course, we will practise in small groups and might repeat the same scenario several times. In real meetings, everything often happens at once – people get upset, confused, someone wants to push their agenda and another doesn’t stop talking. We will identify those challenges and practise moving through those challenges with integrity.

During the course, you will facilitate, observe and receive feedback in a psychologically safe learning environment.

Main content

This is what you will learn

  • How to guide a group through processes that allow for emerging wisdom of the group.
  • How to enable groups to make decisions that work for everyone. In particular, the sociocratic processes of consent decision-making, selecting between different choices (for example to elect people into roles).
  • How to use meeting formats that allow for meetings with purpose.
  • How to facilitate so that the power is distributed in the group.
  • How to make sure that everyone is heard by using rounds and keeping the meeting on track.

Target group

This course is for everyone who is already a practitioner of sociocracy wanting to improve their skills and offer the best meeting facilitation to their customers, collaborators or co-workers.

    Kirkpatrick model

    We do not believe that you will benefit from our courses – this is something we know. We continuously measure participant satisfaction, knowledge acquired, changed behaviour and the value which the courses add to the company.




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