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Management of a project team is more about people than about planning, deadlines and milestones. Creating the right mood in your project team – and in the project in general – means more than you would think. Facilitation is a tool that can be used to ensure a smooth and carefully thought out process. As a project manager, you must be able to do this – and there is always room for improvement.

About the course

The course focuses on strengthening your competences as facilitator and as project manager of a project team. You will be introduced to a number of methods, which you will have ample opportunity to put to use in a number of workshops. Subsequently, you will receive valuable feedback and inspiration for how to become a better project manager and how to ensure a successful process.

Project Management 2 – Lead your project team is part of Implement’s Project Management Programme.

Main content - the course covers the following main topics:

  • Development of the project team – what should you be aware of and when?
  • Management styles – which management styles are most appropriate in different situations?
  • Personal preferences (Whole Brain® – preference model)
  • Creative techniques and presentation techniques
  • Staging and carrying out workshops, meetings and presentations
  • Feedback as a management tool
  • Management in practice, including personal feedback

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Form your project team and know how to achieve the best results
  • Utilise the fact that project participants are different individuals
  • Design and facilitate meetings and workshops
  • Lead your project team and each participant in the best way based on the situation
  • Design and carry out creative processes
  • Prepare and present targeted presentations
  • Manage your project owner and/or steering committee in a more professional way

Target group

You are on your way to becoming a project manager or you are already a project manager. You may also be an experienced project manager who wishes to become even better at what you do.

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Kirkpatrick model

We do not believe that you will benefit from our courses – this is something we know. We continuously measure participant satisfaction, knowledge acquired, changed behaviour and the value which the courses add to the company.




Pass the exam


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Return on investment

  • How to ensure learning with impact

    We organise our courses in a way that allows the participants to see, listen, touch and do. The individual sessions take place in the course of the day. This allows for variation between theory, practice, discussion and reflection.

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  • Networking and knowledge sharing

    The course participants come from a number of different companies and industries. We try to utilise this to ensure that different points of view, experience and perspectives are brought into play. The various practical exercises and discussions will give you the opportunity to strengthen your network.

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Lotte Scharbau
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Mads Lomholt
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The course is also offered as a part of a complete programme
Project Management Programme – IPMA®
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Kurserne i uddannelsen

  • 1PM 1 Manage your project
  • 2PM 2 Lead your project team
  • 3PM 3 Succeed with your project
  • 4PM 4 Strengthen your personal leadership in projects
  • Exam: Project Excellence Advanced
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