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Virtual collaboration can be effective and engaging if you have the right competences and tools. Whether you are hosting online meetings, doing virtual workshops or digitising your project practice, this course will equip you to prepare and facilitate effective and engaging virtual collaboration using the Miro platform.

About the course

The Miro collaboration platform consists of a digital whiteboard with many functionalities and integrations that enable effective and engaging collaboration in real time. The course gives you access to a thorough introduction to Miro as well as training in its main functionalities.

The course runs online from 9:00-12:00.

Having a Miro licence is not a prerequisite. You will get access at the course, and you will be able to continue using the platform either for free or with a paid subscription after the course. See Miro prices here.

Main content - the course covers the following main topics:

  • The qualities and key use cases of the collaboration platform
  • Navigation and use of the most important functionalities
  • Interactive and engaging virtual meetings or workshops
  • Design and administration of digital project rooms (incl. review of template project room and existing Miro templates)
  • Documentation and versioning
  • Good data security and administration of access rights
  • Quick introduction and onboarding of others in the use of Miro for direct implementation

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Driving effective and engaging virtual collaboration
  • Creating transparency and a common understanding of your work
  • Increasing the degree of interaction in virtual collaboration and thereby gaining access to your full brain capacity
  • Increasing the sense of community and engagement in your virtual work
  • Increasing the creativity and degree of playfulness in your work

Target group

The course is aimed at consultants, project managers and leaders or someone who is otherwise involved in leading virtual collaboration

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