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The toolbox contains a number of key tools that are both necessary and effective. This applies no matter what organisation you work for or what type of project you work on.

About the course

The course strengthens your understanding of the methods we use when working on projects, the fundamental planning and follow-up tools as well as your role as project manager. You will learn to create an overview, plan, organise and set up a budget for your project.

Project Management 1 – Manage your project is part of Implement’s Project Management Programme.

Main content - the course covers the following main topics:

  • Setting the project objectives (purpose, success criteria and deliverables)
  • Mapping and managing project stakeholders
  • Evaluating the project team’s work
  • Planning the project (milestones, phases and activities)
  • Estimating resource requirements (time and costs)
  • Analysing and managing risks
  • Project economy, follow-up and reporting

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Set clear and consistent objectives for your project
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis and establish necessary initiative
  • Prepare milestone plans and activity plans
  • Conduct a risk analysis and define initiatives that are necessary to reduce risks
  • Draw up a budget based on project plans and your estimates
  • Organise your project and thereby ensure a clear distribution of roles and responsibilities
  • Carry out evaluation and follow-up

Target group

The course is aimed at inexperienced as well as experienced project managers who would like to add more theory and structure to their existing competences.

  • IPMA®registered

    As part of the training programme, you have the opportunity to become a certified project manager within the recognised project management certifications IPMA®. Our project management programme will equip you for this certification as our project management programme is IPMA®registered. This means that Project Management modules 1-4 are built up around The International Competence Baseline, which is drawn up by the International Project Management Association (IPMA®), and we are approved as a supplier by Dansk Projektledelse.

    Please write us or give us a call for more information.

    Read more about IPMA

Kirkpatrick model

We do not believe that you will benefit from our courses – this is something we know. We continuously measure participant satisfaction, knowledge acquired, changed behaviour and the value which the courses add to the company.




Pass the exam


Change their behaviour


Return on investment

  • How to ensure learning with impact

    We organise our courses in a way that allows the participants to see, listen, touch and do. The individual sessions take place in the course of the day. This allows for variation between theory, practice, discussion and reflection.

    Read more about our approach to learning
  • Networking and knowledge sharing

    The course participants come from a number of different companies and industries. We try to utilise this to ensure that different points of view, experience and perspectives are brought into play. The various practical exercises and discussions will give you the opportunity to strengthen your network.

Praktisk vejledning

Lotte Scharbau
+45 4138 0040
Louise Kærbo
+45 4138 0040

Faglig vejledning

Jørgen Aalbæk
+45 3132 1022
The course is also offered as a part of a complete programme
Project Management Programme – IPMA®
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Kurserne i uddannelsen

  • 1PM 1 Manage your project
  • 2PM 2 Lead your project team
  • 3PM 3 Succeed with your project
  • 4PM 4 Strengthen your personal leadership in projects
  • Exam: Project Excellence Advanced
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