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One thing is knowing the theory, another is applying it in practice. This course is all about applying Half Double methods in real life and reflecting on the consequences. The course consists of two sessions, BOOST and PRACTITIONER CLASS, where we will dive further into the Half Double methodology, how you have applied it and will apply it, and we will focus on some of the methods that have proved a bit more difficult to apply in practice.

About the course

Half Double is a project and portfolio methodology developed by the Danish Industry Foundation, Aarhus University and Implement Consulting Group. You will meet trainers with first-hand experience with the methodology and practical experience with applying the tools in projects both in the private and public sector. In fact, many of our trainers have been a part of developing Half Double and have been working with Half Double since its creation.

The course helps you apply the Half Double methodology in your organisation, so you can decrease your project’s lead time and create impact throughout the project – not just at its end. You are expected to apply Half Double methods before and during the course and reflect on experiences and their results.

After the course, you will receive a certificate from Implement Learning Institute showing that you have completed the BOOST and PRACTITIONER CLASS sessions. Further, the course prepares you to take the optional Half Double Practitioner certification which can be purchased in connection with the course. Currently, Implement Consulting Group is one of the few training organisations that can nominate you to a Half Double Practitioner certification.

The BOOST and PRACTITIONER CLASS sessions cover the following main topics:

  • How to apply the Half Double methods and tools in a practical context
  • How to assess a specific context and adapt the chosen methods and tools accordingly to obtain the desired benefits

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply Half Double methods and tools in your projects
  • Consciously adapt the Half Double methods and tools to fit your organisational context
  • Confidently apply methods to handle uncertainty and motivate your project owner to engage actively in a project
  • Deliver project impact within a significantly reduced time frame
  • Reduce the project lead time significantly
  • Pass the optional Half Double Practitioner certification

Target group:

You have already attended the IGNITE session at the Half Double Foundation course and want to deepen your understanding of the Half Double methodology.

At the BOOST and PRACTITIONER CLASS sessions, you are expected to share your practical experiences so that all participants can learn from each other. This means that you must have tried out one or more Half Double methods, though it is not a requirement that you have succeeded with them.

  • Half Double Practitioner certification

    To get the Practitioner certification, you must send in an application and pass a 1-hour interview with an accredited assessor. The Half Double Practitioner certification costs DKK 5.000,- excl. VAT.

    The certification is optional, and you can take the course without taking the certification. However, the course will equip you to pass the exam, and our trainers are well-equipped to help you achieve the certification. Several of the trainers are accredited assessors.

    For more information, please write us or give us a call.

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