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Data science is a new field, combining cutting-edge technologies with business understanding. During the Implement Data Science Masterclass, participants will learn modern data science techniques such as machine learning and tools such as Python as well as learn to identify and develop their very first data science prototype using their organisation’s own data.

About the course

Data science is changing the world and revolutionising business. Businesses are eager to get their hands on top-tier data scientists capable of not just delivering the advanced analytics which the new tools enable, but also identifying the use cases with the highest business value and bringing their final solutions into production, into the business and delivering the change required to realise the value of data science. From business need to value realised.

  • 1-day kickoff with an introduction to the course and to the concept of data science.
  • 4 weeks of self-study using the online platform DataCamp with support from Implement’s data science experts.
  • 6 weeks of classroom training 2 days a week. Each day is split into two, starting with a course topic and then followed by development of the individual prototypes, aided by Implement’s data science experts.

Main content - the course covers the following main topics:

  • Identifying valuable data science use cases in your organisation
  • Bringing your unique data science prototype from the laboratory into your business
  • Fundamental data science techniques such as data collection, cleaning, visualisation and transformation
  • Advanced data science techniques such as natural language processing and deep learning
  • Powerful, free open source tools used by the biggest tech companies in the world
  • Modern development practice, including version control, agile development and DataOps
  • Ensuring high-quality development by evaluating advanced performance metrics and testing against hard cases
  • Ethical challenges and bias in data science
  • Python development, from fundamentals to programmer, with focus on data science

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify a data science use case
  • Develop, test and validate a data science prototype
  • Bring the prototype into the business and realise the benefits
  • Develop with confidence in an open source Python environment

Target group:

The course is aimed at analysts, business intelligence developers or anyone interested in bringing data science to their organisation. We encourage you to sign up together with a colleague to get the most out of your unique prototype, learnings from the development practices and continue learning and development after the course is completed.

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