Open Leadership Lab

Open leadership lab is a management course for participants who would like the opportunity to work and experiment with their own change cases.

About the course

The course is inspired by the latest research and is based on Implement’s implementation principles. The focus of the course is how you as a leader create effective change through management authenticity and how to focus on importance, energy and involvement of the right people at the right time.

We work with the participants’ own cases. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that you have an open mind and challenge your own and other people’s views and assumptions.

Main content - in addition to working with your own real-life cases, you will also be introduced to a number of theoretical areas. These areas cover, among other things:

  • How to lead change
  • Motivation for change and agility
  • Handling resistance to change
  • My role in a change process
  • Touchpoints

Takeaways - after the course, you will be able to:

  • Use your skills for effective business-driven change management
  • Take on a more professional role as leader of a change process
  • Make use of the extensive practical toolbox that has been developed during the course
  • Practise and act based on the inspiration and knowledge you have acquired
  • Increase the success of your leadership

Target group

The course is aimed at new as well as experienced first-line managers working in the private or the public sector who have employee responsibility or managers who are facing challenges in a change process.

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    Gerd Helena Hals
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    Ida Esmarch Pedersen
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    Faglig vejledning

    Jakob Kjærsig Brøndsted
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