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Agile development often become a word instead of the new way of working and thinking. The benefits are then never realised to the full extent. We provide you with a range of agile courses that enable you to understand, train and anchor the Agile methodology in your work and projects. We give you an opportunity to design the Agile projects and transformations and ensure the realisation of the benefits.

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    Project Half Double

    Project Half Double is a new and contemporary project management methodology with stronger focus on the value created by the project than the project deliverables. Focusing on Flow, Leadership and Impact results in shorter projects with greater value creation.

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Whether you are about to start working on your first project or you are already an experienced project manager, you will be able to design a course programme that helps you build up an extensive toolbox and develop in your role as project manager. There are plenty of options, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at or +45 4138 0040.