Project Management 2 – Lead your project team!

Facilitation is all about making good use of the project participants’ knowledge, experiences and opinions in a beneficial process that is both well thought out and well managed. As a project manager you must be able to do this – and there is always room for improvement!

The course focuses on making you stronger in your role as facilitator and manager of the project team. You will be introduced to a series of methods, which you will have ample opportunity to try out in practice during the course. You will be asked to both plan and manage the practical execution of a workshop for a project team, as well as act as a project participant in a number of other workshops. The majority of your learning will come from the feedback that will be given after each workshop during the course. You will receive personal feedback and plenty of inspiration to help you become stronger in your role as project manager, better at facilitating a good process, and better at getting your project team off to a good start. 

This course is taught in English.

Project Management 2  Lead your project team! is a part of Implement's Project Management Programme. Implement's Project Management Programme is IPMA Registered®

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"Good mix of theory and practice. Enjoyable presenter with good insight "

Shelby King-Grubert


You are on your way to becoming a project manager or you are already a project manager.
You may also be an experienced project manager and wish to become even better at what you do.  

Main content:
The course covers the following main topics:

  • Development of the project team – What should you be aware of and when?
  • Management styles – Which management styles are the most appropriate in different situations?
  • Personal preferences (Whole Brain® – preference model) 
  • Creative techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Staging and design of workshops and meetings including steering committee meetings
  • Feedback as a management tool
  • Management in practice (you in the role as manager of the team including personal feedback)
  • Execution of steering committee meetings and project presentations


Implement Consulting Group has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)
The PMI Registered Eduction Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
By completing this course you will obtain 20 PDU (Professional Development Units). Read more here: R.E.P. Registration

After the course you will be able to:

  • Establish your project team and get the most out of it
  • Utilise the fact that project participants are different individuals
  • Design meetings and workshops
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Manage your project team and each individual participant in the best way based on the situation
  • Design and carry out creative processes
  • Prepare targeted presentations and present these
  • Handle your project owner/steering team even better 
  • Give and receive feedback

The course fee includes:
Before the course: Article about facilitation and staging (30 minutes preparation).

During the course: Meals, notebook with stickers (the most important models/points), suggested assignments/initiatives and a collection of articles.

After the course: Course certificate and digital photos of the flip-over drawings that were created in plenum during the course.

Package solutions:
The course can be purchased independently. The course can also be purchased as part of a package solution with an incorporated discount. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Network and exchange of experience:
Course participants come from a wide variety of organisations and industries.  We do our best to take advantage of this by incorporating different experiences, viewpoints and nuances into the training sessions. The many practical exercises and discussions are great opportunities for you to strengthen your network. 

To participate you must previously have taken the course:

Project Management 1 – Manage your project!

Alternatively, you have become familiar with the fundamental project management tools in some other way. In this case, please contact:
Nicolai Elborough Boston,, 51 38 74 24
for clarification before you sign up for the course.

Next course in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Start date:
  • 18 September 2017 at 09:00
  • Duration:
  • 18 - 20 September
  • Price:
  • DKK 14,850.00 excl. VAT
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Training methods and instructors:
 You can read more about how we train here: How to ensure learning with impact 


  • Nicolai Elborough Boston

    Nicolai Elborough Boston

    +45 5138 7424

    See profile

    MSc in Computer Science and business administration , CBS (1990-1996), Apprentice Bricklayer (1986-1989)


    • PMP® (2011)
    • Belbin practitioner (2002)
    • Whole Brain HBDI (2012)
    • Whole Brain NBI (2010)
    • Scrum Master (2009)

    Experience and background

    Nicolai Elborough Boston has 17 years of professional experience as a project manager in a wide range of development projects, organizational projects and construction projects. Nicolai has also worked extensively with implementation and providing assistance in connection with project management methods, i.e. development, application and advising.
    His main focus areas are:
    Development and implementation of project models
    Project management and training in project management

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  • Louisa Menne Martini

    Louisa Menne Martini

    3085 8074

    See profile

    • MSc in Sociology, University of Copenhagen
    • Master in Leadership and Management, Griffith University 
    • PMI®
    • PRINCE2®
    • Process consultant
    • Facilitator

    Experience and background
    Louisa has several years of experience as a trainer in both the public and the private sector. In her project management training, she provides hands-on examples from her experience as a project manager. Louisa has e.g. been responsible for many organisational change projects within strategy execution as well as product innovation. Her experience makes the training realistic and easy to apply – also when the participants return home to their respective projects.
    Louisa is passionate about the social dynamics in play in and around a project. To be able to lead upwards, outwards, forwards, downwards, backwards and, not least, inwards is an important skill which can be mastered with the right tools, making project management work easier and more structured.
    Furthermore, Louisa’s training is very energetic, and she focuses on making the learning environment entertaining and relevant to the course participants.


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Next course in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Start date:
  • 18 September 2017 at 09:00
  • Duration:
  • 18 - 20 September
  • Price:
  • DKK 14,850.00 excl. VAT
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