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Half Double Practitioner Training – Learn how to achieve double the impact in half the time in your projects

The Half Double methodology is a new and radical approach that aims to lead projects to double the impact in half the time. While building upon what we know works from best practice project management, it differentiates itself in three main areas.  Impact creation throughout the lifetime of a project is the primary area of focus (rather than the project deliverables). We inject energy and transparency through the Flow of a project and break down the formalism embedded in project structures by promoting the Leadership of people rather than the management of systems.

Next course will be on:

1-3 April 2019: IGNITE session
2 May 2019: Online BOOST session
27 May 2019: MASTERCLASS

Price for the whole course: 19.500 DKK excl VAT.

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Whether you own, lead or participate in projects, the Half Double Practitioner course will provide you with a framework for accelerating time to impact. We encourage you to sign up together with a colleague from your own project team, department or organisation so that you can support each other with continued learnings after this course is completed and facilitate the process of embedding the Half Double methodology in your projects.

Attendance to the following 3 sessions will enable you to use the methodology in practice:

  1. Ignite: The 3 day “Ignite” session gives you an introduction to the methodology
  2. Boost: 2 hour online boost session to give you the support you need during the application of methodology in your own project
  3. Masterclass The 1 day “Masterclass” addresses the key challenges of applying the methodology in practice and how to overcome them.

Two reflection papers will help to anchor your learnings and serve as guidance on where you need to your energy focus first. 

Main Content 

  • An overview of the Half Double methodology and how it fits into the context of classical and agile projects 
  • Building an Impact Case to drive behavioural change and business impact
  • Using Impact Solution Design to deliver impact as soon as possible
  • Setting up pulse checks to monitor stakeholder satisfaction
  • Setting up a fixed heartbeat to progress the project in sprints
  • Visual planning for gaining insights and building commitment in your project
  • Allocating resources to ensure a core team that can be co-located
  • Building a reflective and adaptive mindset to your project leadership
  • Leading a project collaboratively for increased motivation around the project
  • Inviting project owners to support the project by being more actively involved
  • Locally translating the tools to ensure that they can be a success for you, in the context that you work in

Half Double Practitioner Training – Learn how to achieve double the impact in half the time in your projects

The course strengthens your understanding of the methods we use when working on projects, the fundamental planning and follow-up tools as well as your role as project manager. You will be able to create an overview, plan, organise and draw up a budget for your project.

This course is taught in English.

The course includes

Before the course: Preparation reading materials
During the courses: Meals, notebook with stickers and a collection of articles.
After the course: Use learnings to apply the methodology to projects in your organisation.

Network and exchange of experience
Course participants come from a wide variety of organisations and industries.  We do our best to take advantage of this by incorporating different experiences, viewpoints and nuances into the training sessions. The many practical exercises and discussions are great opportunities for you to strengthen your network

Training methods and instructors:
 You can read more about how we train here: How to ensure learning with impact 

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  • Nicolai Elborough Boston

    Nicolai Elborough Boston

    +45 5138 7424

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    MSc in Computer Science and business administration , CBS (1990-1996), Apprentice Bricklayer (1986-1989)


    • PMP® (2011)
    • Belbin practitioner (2002)
    • Whole Brain HBDI (2012)
    • Whole Brain NBI (2010)
    • Scrum Master (2009)

    Experience and background

    Nicolai Elborough Boston has 17 years of professional experience as a project manager in a wide range of development projects, organizational projects and construction projects. Nicolai has also worked extensively with implementation and providing assistance in connection with project management methods, i.e. development, application and advising.
    His main focus areas are:
    Development and implementation of project models
    Project management and training in project management

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  • Thomas Kristian Ruth

    Thomas Kristian Ruth

    +45 2244 3028

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