ActeeLeadership Facilitator

This particular course date is conducted in English with English course material.

ActeeLeadership is a reflection-tool designed for the development of managers leadership-repertoire and self-awareness. With your certification in ActeeLeadership, you gain access to a new set of dynamic tools usable for teaching, development processes, coaching and much more. The tools are based on a solid foundation of professional, specialist knowledge that can aid in evolving the way you work with change management, as consultant, as educator or with your own processes of change.

It’s a theoretical universe, which takes its starting point in Daniel Goleman’s six different leadership styles and applying the theories to easy-to-understand computer-based simulations and exciting interactive challenges. ActeeLeadership provides insight into your own leadership style through colleague and peer feedback.

You learn
The theories behind the concept
How to facilitate the learning tools associated with the product
How to facilitate the simulation
The theory behind the different styles
How to build a process with elements and arguments

You get a tool
That can strengthen your profile as a consultant
That can function in addition to the tools already in your toolbox
That makes your participants buy into the game and engage, because they are met by recognizable challenges and challenging options
That can be adapted to different environments and groups, from change management on an organizational level to individual employees working with focused citizen communication

Who are the participants?
The course is targeted managers at all levels, professionals with project responsibility, HR-partners and all professionals
Max 18 participants on the course
Location: Copenhagen


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