Actee Change Facilitator

This course gives you tools to teach, coach and facilitate change processes by using the learning concept ActeeChange.

The course is conducted in English with English course material.

You will aquire a set of dynamic tools with the Change Facilitator course – these tools can be used in teaching, development, change processes, coaching and a lot more.  The tools learned are based on tried and true specialist knowledge from professionals that can support how you evolve in the way you work with change management, either as a consultant, counselor or with your own projects.

The Change Facilitator course is targeted internal and external consultants in both private and public sectors, project managers, independent consultants and others who work with change.

Main content

  • The theories behind the concept.
  • Facilitation of the ActeeChange learning tools.
  • How to use the Actee Platform and all the tools in it.
  • Which models can be used in different change situations.
  • About change cycles and resistance levels.
  • How to coach and facilitate a change dialogue.
  • How to create a customized learning process on the Actee Platform.

You will work with a tool

  • Which engages participants through game scenarios with recognizable challenges and thought-provoking choices.
  • Which is adaptable to different situations and groups – from change management on an organizational strategic level to providing knowledge to employees about change processes.
  • Which can be used co-actively with the tools you already have in your personal “toolbox”.
  • Which bolsters your profile as a consultant with a professional repertoire.


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